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Due to the size of the facility and volumes that Hexkoel handles, the facility is an industry leader in the field of precooling and fruit storage

There are times during the harvest when Hexkoel takes delivery of 2500 pallets per day, mostly arriving after 18h00, and load up to 120 12m containers daily. These volumes are staggering for smaller facilities and as a result, Hexkoel is often used as an example for other fruit industry service providers to visit in order to study the various facets of the facility’s operations.  These include the technology and accreditation systems that apply to a facility of this size.

Self Sufficient Energy Generation

As the main purpose of Hexkoel is to establish and maintain the cold chain for the grapes in cooling and holding rooms, energy self-sufficiency is crucial. The electricity generation plant at Hexkoel has five massive generators which together produce 2500kva, enough to maintain the facility’s functioning during electrical outages.

Forklifts are also indispensable at Hexkoel and in order to keep the facility’s 30 forklifts running, Hexkoel has a considerable bank of forklift batteries on charge in the dedicated forklift battery charging facility. 



As part the facility’s carbon footprint reduction policy, in 2012 Hexkoel replaced the conventional industrial lights (in excess of 350 lights) inside the cooling storage area with internal induction lights. This change also led to a significant savings on electricity and this represented a considerable immediate and ongoing saving. As the new lights produce less radiant light and almost no heat has also resulted in secondary power saving as the load on the cooling generators is reduced. This installation was the first of its kind by a large facility within the South African Fruit sector.


A further example of our sustainable policy is that Hexkoel has been recycling water for 25 years. The facility has been constructed with stormwater channels below floor level and rainwater and water from defrosting refrigeration coils are collected by this drainage system and channeled to a catchment dam. Water collected in the drainage system is then pumped to the facility’s reservoir dams. 

Partnership Accreditation 

SA GAP/QSCert is a Management System Certification Body and Training Provider specializing in Food Safety and Quality Management Systems. The company consists of two divisions, an accredited certification division (QSCert-South Africa) and a training division (SA GAP).

The Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) is an international maritime treaty which sets minimum safety standards in the construction, equipment and operation of merchant ships. This safety standard includes the establishment and monitoring of the exact weight of all containers for shipment by seagoing vessels. In order to comply with this safety standard, the containers of grapes leaving Hexkoel for shipment are weighed after loading has been completed.

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