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Hexkoel (Pty) Ltd at Orchard in the Hex River Valley is a precooling, storage and dispatch facility for table grapes produced in the Hex River Valley and surrounding table grape production regions. This massive facility is one of the largest of its kind internationally. Hexkoel consists of 4.2 hectares under roof and 2.7 hectares under cooling and handles approximately 15 million cartons of table grapes annually. Hexkoel services over 80 export companies and 250 pack houses during the four to five-month harvest period from December to April.

Hexkoel (Pty) Ltd has approximately 170 shareholders and was originally established by table grape growers in the region as a co-operative in the early 1980’s. Over time the facility has grown considerably and today is a privately company, owned and managed by table grape growers in the Hex River Valley.

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