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When Hexkoel was established in 1981, the harvest in the Hex River Valley was approximately five million cartons and the facility’s storage capacity was 2 576 pallets. In the four decades since then, the harvest volumes have increased considerably and today the Hex River harvest is around 22 million cartons. The storage space has been continuously expanded to serve the growth of the table grape industry and the most recent expansions at Hexkoel during the past 3 years increased the storage capacity by a further 5 000 pallets. The current storage capacity of Hexkoel is 13 552 pallets and Hexkoel handles around 15 million cartons annually.

Loading cooled pallets into railway a truck

Hexkoel building site in 1980

Cooled pallets in transit from Hexkoel to adjacent railway siding 

Hexkoel was officially opened in February 1983 by Minister Dawie de Villiers (at left), the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism. Here he is with Jan Rabie (center), one of Hexkoel’s founders and first chairman of the Hexkoel Board of Directors and Ryno King (right), the Member of Parliament for Worcester

Officials and guests at the official opening of Hexkoel in 1983, from left to right:

Minister Dawie de Villiers, Ian Dicey, Chairman of the Hex Valley Producers’ Association, Ruben de Villiers (seated), former representative (1955 – 1965) for the Hex River Producers on the Deciduous Fruit Board and Jan Rabie, the first Chairman of the Hexkoel Board.

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