The Development timeline of Hexkoel

Establishment of first cooling facility – capacity 2 576 pallets

– Roofed area for local fruit

– An additional tunnel per side for two export rooms

Local storage pre-cooler and holding storage room for local fruit

Large storage room 3 – capacity 1288 pallets

Large storage room 4 – capacity 1288 pallets

New offices

Large storage room 5 – capacity 1288 pallets

– Process of dividing storage facilities in half started

– Three new engine rooms for additional compressors

Storage facilities divided in half completed – from 5 large units to 10 smaller units

– Additional condenser and compressor plus coils installed in rooms

– New workshop

Holding rooms 1 to 6

– Dispatch room 12

– Five loading docks

– New intake office

– Generator plant to produce our own electricity

– Doubled capacity of holding rooms 1 to 6 by raising the roofs

Holding room 13

Holding room 14 and additional loading docks

Two reservoir dams completed – capacity 1 million litres

Previous Hexkoel Boards of Directors

Founding Board Members 1981
Hexkoel 1988 Board of Directors

Hexkoel Founding Board of Directors


Back row: J.J. Spies, J.M. Laubscher,

T.P. Esterhuyse, E.J. Rossouw.

Front row: M. Mostert,

M.C. De Kock (Vice Chairman),

J.C. Rabie (Chairman),  D. De V. Graaff

Hexkoel Board of Directors


Back row: P.S. Naudé, G.H. De Kock,

J.S. Jordaan, R.M. Du Toit (Manager)

Front row:  E.J. Rossouw,

M.C. De Kock (Vice Chairman),

J.C. Rabie (Chairman), J.M. Laubscher

Hexkoel 1991 Board of Directors

Hexkoel Board of Directors


Back row: P.S. Naudé, J.S. Jordaan, G.H. De Kock, D.H. Hill

Front row:  E.J. Rossouw, R.M. Du Toit (Manager),

M.C. De Kock (Chairman), J Mentz

Hexkoel Board of Directors


Back row: S.W.C. Rabie, D.H. Hill, M.J. Dicey, A.F. Van Rensburg

Front row:  M.J. Du Toit (Manager), J.S. Jordaan (Vice Chairman),

G.H. De Kock (Chairman), J. Mentz

Hexkoel 2012 Board of Directors
Hexkoel 2020 Board of Directors

Hexkoel Board of Directors


Back row: Stephan Antonowitz, Anton Viljoen, Bernhard Brönn,

Jaco du Toit

Front row: Roy du Toit, Douglas Hill, Chris Rabie (Chairman),

Johan Kriegler (Vice Chairman)

Hexkoel Board of Directors


Back row: Martin van Niekerk, Francois Rossouw, Gabriël Viljoen,

Jaco du Toit

Front Row: Roy du Toit, Anton Viljoen (Vice Chairman),

Johan Kriegler (Chairman), Stephan Antonowitz

Hexkoel site prior to the start of construction

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